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Our inception day (original flyer shown below) here at Merlinsky Studios was June 27th 2018.   The volcano was raging on the other side of the Big Island.  Scores of people were under mandatory evacuation as the lava devoured jungle, homes and coastline.   It was a mesmerizing sight to behold while at the same time; tragic to see the profound disruption it caused to so many residents.  Having planned events since working at the Old Faithful Inn in the summer of 1992, the revelation to create a dazzling events to thrill and inspire others was born from that crucible of fire.  The event did indeed inspire.   It was a much needed moral boost for the community and a huge dose of reality for Merlinsky Studios.   While the eventvwas a break even success; the necessary equpiment to thrill those who attended was, in reality,  piecemealed together via thrift stores, personal belongings, rented, borrowed and improvised.   We at Merlinsky Studios knew it was time to go all in. Even with the highly disruptive nature of the year 2020, we paused to only reinforce our mission.  Fast forward to the present and via hard work, saving, and wise investment; we have amassed a beautiful selection of precision equipment that will give your event atendees pause.  We will augment your event to give it an undeniable edge and make it unforgetable.   We utilize venerable brands such as Chauvet, Technics , Behringer, Adobe, KRK, and Nikon.  Let us put decades of experience and equipment to work for you.

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