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Here is a list of equipment available from Merlin Sky Studios:

Chauvet Kinta FX 3-in-1 LED Multi-effects Fixture Features:

  • Powerful compact multi-effect that combines derby, laser, and strobe effects

  • Derby effect projects countless razor-sharp multicolor beams in a wide pattern

  • Red/green laser adds a scattering of dancing lights into the mix

  • 16 SMD strobe LEDs add extra energy to the effect

  • DMX control and automated/sound-activated programs onboard

  • Master/slave multiple Kinta FX fixtures together for coordinated shows

  • Compatible with Chauvet's IRC-6 wireless remote control 

Chauvet Swarm Wash FX Features:

  • A killer 4-in-1 LED light that combines:

    • RGBAW rotating derby

    • RGB+UV wash

    • Red/green laser

    • A ring of white SMD strobes

  • Gives you an endless supply of looks

  • Individual control over each effect via either IRC-6 or DMX and Master/Slave modes

  • Intuitive menu structure for easy operation

  • Project thousands of red and green laser beams

  • Sound-activated and automatic programs make for quick, easy setup

  • Link multiple units to control messy, time-consuming cable runs
chauvet swarm fx.jfif
chauvet swarm fx.jfif

Chauvet Swarm 5 FX 3-in-1 LED/Laser Lighting Effects Fixture Features:

  • 3-in-1 LED includes an RGBAW rotating LED derby, red/green laser, and white LED strobe effect for an amazing price

  • Laser section projects thousands of red and green laser beams in a variety of cool shapes and patterns

  • Derby effect casts a swirl of vividly colored dots for added motion

  • LED strobe effect adds a ton of energy to your light show

  • Choose from simple DMX control or a large selection of automated/sound-activated programs

  • Master/slave chaining lets you link multiple Chauvet Swarm 5 FX units together for highly coordinated shows

  • Save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units

Chauvet DJ Geyser T6 Lighting Effects Fixture Features:

  • Chauvet T6 fog machine Cost-effective way to add pyrotechnic-style effects to your light show

  • No need for CO2 canisters, toxic chemicals, or heat sources

  • 6 tri-color LEDs bathe a high-pressure jet of fog to create flame-like effects

  • Accepts any standard water-based fog fluid, including the quick dissipating kind

  • Lightweight and compact design are perfect for grab-and-go lighting rigs

  • LED illuminated reservoir looks cool and makes it easy to check fog fluid level

  • Advanced fluid sensor with automatic shutoff keeps the pump from overheating

  • Includes FCM wired remote; other remotes (FCW and WMS) sold separately

chauvet t6 2.jfif
chauvet t6 2.jfif


  • Cauvet Scorpion Storm FX RGB Compact tri-colored laser projects hundreds of red, green and blue laser beams and patterns

  • Create customized looks with independent control of red, green, and blue laser diodes, with or without DMX

  • Convenient, wireless non-DMX control using the included IR remote to trigger modes and colors

  • Save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units (US version only)

  • Increase control options using automated and sound-activated programs, or Master/Slave and DMX mode


Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 110 Features:

  • Chauvet Intimadator Spot 110  Super-compact moving LED spotlight fixture

  • Perfect for mobile rigs

  • Cool-running 10W LED lamp — no downtime

  • 7 colors and 7 gobos, each with continuous scroll

  • Sound-activated programs automatically follow the beat of the music

  • Link and control multiple units via the simple master/slave automation mode

  • Selectable 540°/270° pan and tilt ranges let you adjust the resolution of your positioning controls

  • Built-in effect macros minimize programming time

  • Control various parameters on the fly via the optional IRC-6 wireless remote 

Tech Specs

slim par 56.jpg

Chauvet SlimPAR 56 RGB LED PAR Lighting Fixture Features:

  • Chauvet Slim Par 56, compact, and lightweight wash that lets you create millions of color blends

  • LED technology provides high output without the heat or wattage of traditional incandescents

  • An array of 108 intensely bright LEDs (36 x Red, 36 x Green, 36 x Blue) lets you mix static colors, with or without DMX control

  • Built-in automatic programs add energy and variety to your shows

  • Sound-activation mode listens to the music and syncs preset programs to the beat automatically

  • Master/slave mode lets you daisy-chain multiple compatible fixtures

  • 3-channel/7-channel DMX operation modes provide integration with advanced lighting systems

  • Pulse effect available with adjustable speed

  • Power linking allows you to connect up to 22 units on a single AC circuit

  • Double-bracket yoke serves as both a fly point and a floor stand

  • 23-degree beam angle and 38-degree field angle provide broad, steady coverage

  • 2.5" max depth lets you position this fixture in shallow spaces


KRK 12sHO 12" Active Studio Subwoofer Features:

  • Strong, extended low-frequency response

  • Increase your monitoring system's dynamic range

  • Works well with any nearfield monitors

  • 400 watts of power

  • Rugged 12" Kevlar speaker will hold up to years of hard use

  • Frequency response: 29.2Hz - 160Hz

  • Balanced XLR, and TRS inputs and outputs for the ultimate in studio flexibility

  • Lowpass frequency adjustment to dial in the sweet spot

  • Phase switch, ground lift to correct for studio issues

RK Rokit 8 G4 Powered Studio Monitor Features:

  • KRK ROCKIT 8 3rd-generation Rokit studio monitor with pro-grade design

  • Rigid Kevlar drivers ensure low-distortion sound reproduction

  • Efficient Class D power amp pumps out high-quality sound at reduced operating temperatures

  • Built-in brickwall limiter provides a balanced sound, safeguards against damage, and maintains your audio’s dynamics

  • Optimized high-frequency waveguide produces a wide, deep, dynamic sweet spot and incredible imaging

  • Low-resonance enclosure gives you spot-on low-end performance

  • Front-firing port yields excellent low-end response and straightforward speaker placement

  • State-of-the-art DSP includes room correction and more

  • KRK app adjusts EQ settings, subwoofer levels, crossover settings, and polarity settings and aids with speaker placement and level matching for an amazing audio experience


Technics SL-1200MK7 DJ Turntable Features:

  • Technics 1200-SL Coreless direct drive motor design maximizes accuracy and eliminates cogging

  • Aluminum S-shape tonearm delivers high-precision tracking without stylus skipping

  • Dual-layer platter minimizes resonance and vibrations

  • Insulator feet shut out vibrations and allow for adjustable height and inclination

  • Adjustable pitch control with ±8% and ±16% ranges

  • Built-in stylus light illuminates the target stylus position for fast, accurate needle drops

  • Classic Technics LED strobe can be set to red or blue

technics 1200.jfif
technics 1200.jfif

Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000 4-channel Digital DJ Mixer Features:

  • Great-sounding, full-featured 32-bit digital DJ mixer

  • Featureset includes: beat-synchronized sampler, 4 multi-FX sections, 2 BPM counters, digital crossfader, MIDI

  • Four phono/line stereo channels letting you connect up to eight signal sources simultaneously

  • Teo microphone inputs, each with Gain, EQ, Talk function and FX

  • 4 stereo channels with Gain and programmable parametric 3-band EQ with Kill function

  • Personalize your performance with fader curve control and flexible crossfader assignment

  • Includes a fully featured MIDI controller for your DJ software

  • Onboard sampler with beat-controlled loop function, pitch control, sampler FX, and crossfader start option

  • 2 assignable, BPM-synchronized FX engines (Reverb, Flanger, Bitcrusher, Resonator, etc.)

  • Accurate, fast BPM counters for automatic BPM synchronization of sampler, FX, crossfader and external drum machines

  • Digital crossfader with flexible curve adjustment, reverse button and automatic, BPM-synchronized crossfading

  • Dual-mode crossfader with innovative frequency-selective crossfading

  • Dedicated headphones section includes PFL mix/split and bass/snare boost functions

  • Recall your last mixer setting at the push of a button

  • Digital S/PDIF output for direct recording of your performance

  • Rack mount brackets included

  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life


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